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Featured Beers

Brave Noise

Pale Ale (4.5 ABV)

Brave Noise is a collaborative effort to provide inclusive and safe environments for women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ throughout the beer industry. By brewing this beer we are standing in solidarity with those who shared stories/experienced mistreatment in the industry. By participating in the Brave Noise project, we are committed to making Solace Brewing Company a safe space and an inclusive environment for all. For this beer we will be donating a portion of our sales to Casa Ruby (@casaruby) a longtime DC institution providing bilingual and multicultural support to LGBTQIA+ members of our community. Our iteration of the Brave Noise beer is a Pale Ale (4.5%) featuring 100% Strata hops in the boil and dry-hop.

Margin Walker

West Coast IPA (7.0 ABV)

An aggressively hopped west coast IPA with a tropical nose and plenty of bitterness to keep you coming back for more. A simple recipe of 100% pilsner malt, simcoe in the boil, and a hefty simcoe and citra dry-hop.

Bing Bang Boom

Fruited Sour (5.2 ABV)

A slightly sour ale brewed with a ton of 100% natural tangerine puree and aged on freshly ground ginger.

High Heat Hefe

Hefeweizen (5.3 ABV)

A traditional hefeweizen brewed with over 50% malted wheat. A balance of malt, clove and banana creates a crushable pint.

When in Rome

Italian Pils (5.2% ABV)

This unfiltered italian pilsner combines a crisp german style with some Czech maltiness with an extra dose of late addition and dry-hops for aroma. Saphir hops are the star of this beer, and gives it a lemongrass like flavor.


Vienna Lager (5.2 ABV)

Our Oktoberfest offering for 2021! This vienna lager is slightly less malty and a little bit more bitter than a marzen. Trost is brewed with all german malt, hops and yeast. This clean and balanced vienna lager will keep you coming back to fill your stein.

Lil’ Bit Cloudy

Session IPA (4.4 ABV)

This lil guy was brewed with an enzyme that makes all the sugars available for the yeast to eat, leaving a finished product with no residual sugars. This process also creates a beer with less than 100 calories per serving. Brewed with oats and wheat to provide some mouthfeel and 100% strata hops that produce a dank and tropical crusher. The right amount of bitterness helps balance this lil guy.

Golden Sunset

Golden Ale (4.7 ABV)

A clean, easy drinking golden ale brewed exclusively with Calista Hops, a new german aroma variety. Calista provides notes of strawberry and peach

Jinx Removal

IPA (6.5% ABV)

A little hazy, a little bitter… straight forward IPA. Brewed with a touch of wheat and oats to provide a smooth mouthfeel.

Malt: pilsner, golden promise, oats, wheat
Hops: idaho 7, mosaic, simcoe, cashmere
Yeast: house ale

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